Mobile Salesforce Deployment

Project—mobile sales roll-out


I love working on new technology rollouts! For this project I designed and developed materials to support a country-wide roll-out of iPads with a custom sales app. I worked with a fantastic cross-functional team including IT, marketing, change management, and device delivery. Deliverables included classroom facilitation guide and participant workbook; assessments created on Brainshark; video vignettes for post-classroom viewing; and a Getting Started Guide to help sales agents become productive as soon as the iPad was removed from its box. Working with the client’s IT team, we experimented with different ways to present material in the classroom using just the iPad.

I also scripted video vignettes and directed employee talent on day of  the shoot; edited videos and prepared for deployment via Brainshark.

Irrational Inquirer Breaks the Ice with Police Officers

Project—Humane Feral Cat Management Training with Law Enforcement Officers


As co-founder and former president of a humane organization in Lake County, I conducted informal education sessions about homeless cats and the humane solution to the problems arising from their unchecked reproduction. The audiences for these sessions included municipal officials and police officers, who are on the front lines for complaints about homeless cats taking up residence in a neighborhood.

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Inclusion Catalyst

Project—Inclusion Catalyst


With Drake Resource Group, Inc. (DRG)

DRG’s Fortune 100 client sought a tool to encourage work teams to practice inclusion on a daily basis. Using source material primarily from the books The Medici Effect and Conceptual Blockbusting, I designed a team workbook featuring a series of creative brainstorming activities that can be performed by groups anywhere in the world, using materials that are easy to obtain. The budget was small but the ultimate product was delivered using professional quality graphics in a format that the client could easily update as needed (Microsoft Word with styles).

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