Inclusion Catalyst

PROJECT—Inclusion Catalyst

With Drake Resource Group, Inc. (DRG)

DRG’s Fortune 100 client sought a tool to encourage work teams to practice inclusion on a daily basis. Using source material primarily from the books The Medici Effect and Conceptual Blockbusting, I designed a team workbook featuring a series of creative brainstorming activities that can be performed by groups anywhere in the world, using materials that are easy to obtain. The budget was small but the ultimate product was delivered using professional quality graphics in a format that the client could easily update as needed (Microsoft Word with styles).

As sole designer and developer working with one of the client’s managers, I:

  • designed all artwork using inexpensive image libraries
  • brainstormed with the subject matter expert to choose the best set of activities for the client’s diverse audience
  • wrote the guide
  • secured rights to repurpose material from the selected books