Translating Classroom Course to Virtual Course

PROJECT—Virtual Diversity Course 

With Language & Culture Worldwide (LCW)

LCW helps companies develop their workforces through its Intercultural Development Programs, proven to build cross-cultural mindsets for everyone across an organization.

LCW’s client wanted to move a popular instructor-led diversity course into the virtual realm, enabling them to reach a global audience. The challenge was to replicate several impactful group activities into the virtual classroom. Working with a fantastic team comprised of both LCW’s and the client’s people, my contributions to the highly successful outcome included:

  • Testing and guidance on selection of a virtual classroom tool that could seamlessly handle numerous multimedia components plus allow group interactivity
  • The initial build of the virtual classroom environment, including presentations, video, audio, and activity set-up
  • Designing the project logo and all visuals for the course, including treatments of abstract concepts to aid learner retention