What Do You Need?

What do you need?

E-learning Design and Development

  • An e-learning course that’s not just an online PowerPoint presentation?
  • An “explainer” video?
  • A course that blends classroom instruction with online support tools and learner interaction?

User Guides or Job Aids

  • A user guide for your new software that reduces help desk/support calls?
  • Participant workbooks that learners will keep and reference after the class, instead of stuffing onto a shelf?
  • A clear, concise job aid to reduce errors in a key process or task?
  • A process map that everyone involved in the process understands?

Design for Virtual Sessions

  • A fluid and informative webinar?
  • A virtual course for a global audience?
  • Webinar recordings edited for learner efficiency?

Facilitator Materials

  • A facilitator guide that gives instructors a solid framework for delivering a class while allowing their own expertise to enhance the course material?
  • All-in-one PowerPoint slides with built-in formatted Instructor Guide?

I've created all of the above, and much more.

My flexible work style adapts to fit your organization’s personality and always begins with what you have that’s already working. My versatile blend of skills ensures:

  • a solid education design foundation,
  • professional writing style,
  • visual appeal, and
  • technical excellence.